Crazy nail design ideas

Tired of the usual nail designs? Are you running out of colors and ideas for your nails? Then try this new hot trend on nail designing. Crazy nails could give your nails a unique look with out of the box, wild designs. The good thing about this is anyone could wear it.

It’s good to wear in any party and on some occasions. Usually crazy nail art composes of 3d nails, stiletto and long nails. It’s colorful and wild and whimsy, giving your nails an interesting, distinct look. However, although making it is as easy a making any nail art, it takes a little bit more effort and time to build a wonderful crazy nail art.
Tokyo Nail Expo 2009 Takes PlaceDoesn’t this Hello Kitty nail art look cute? With the over the top 3d Hello kitty stickers and candy balls and container decorating your nails, you’ll create one heck of a nail art.
20__fruity_fimo__by_megs2606-d55jw6kWear this fun lemon yellow 3d fruit nail design on your nails. Oh it seems so tastefully good.2012nailstar1Take a look at this blue acrylic stiletto nails. They look sassy and sexy.
a-crazy-nail-art-3Don’t throw old candy wrappers away. Instead, recycle them. Apply base coat on your nails and stick the wrappers over it.
Amazing-Crazy-Nail-DesignsThis nail art is far from crazy. Well except for long 3d nail designs. Lovely is the right definition for this.
Birthday-party-3D-beats-Nail-Art-DesignsTry this lovely 3d floral and butterfly nail art.
crazy-acrylic-nail-designsYou could wear long acrylic nails filled with blue glitter and violet glitter with gold outline.crazy-nail-art-designs-03This crazy Japanese 3d fantasy nail art. It has intricate drawing with 3d floral design, stones and an arrow.
crazy-nail-designsLike Kpop? Why not put the faces of your kpop stars on your nails? This sure is a crazy yet fun way in decorating nails.
crazy-nails-artThis nail art is perfect for all sweet lovers out there. It is a 3d design filled with tiny plastic cupcakes, doughnuts, and candy design over an acrylic nail.
Crazy-Nails-DesignsThis beautiful 3d floral nail art gives your nails a whimsy look.
Crazy-Nails-DesignsThis long nails is in black color and is filled with floral designs.
crazy-nails-gameThis nail art seems difficult to wear on a daily basis. But this 3d flame red nail design sure looks interesting.
DIY-Nails-Art-DesignsThis nail art is filled with all things Mario. This Super Mario sure is quirky  and fun.
Elegant-And-Beautiful-Japanese-3D-Nail-Art-Designs-Supplies-And-Gallery-3Pink, roses and hearts, this nail art is filled with that. 3d rose petals and hearts are put over pink polish with gold and silver stones and laces to finish this lovely look.
ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1385358952.248756This futuristic nail art has an electric pink color and rose and heart drawing.
mars_attacks__nail_art_by_kayleighoc-d5mmas6This crazy nail art is inspired with Mars Attack movie.
nail-polish-under-nailsThis s a lovely pink nail art with pink tip and 3d rabbit, chick and floral design.
tumblr_mmuqfuSS6C1qgn1mlo1_500This fantasy, forest nail art is so lovely and whimsical. I wanna wear it too.

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