New trend Toe nail design

Nail art have always been a trend in fashion and style. We are used to seeing fingernails cleaned and done in different colors and designs. It’s a craze that’s been going on since then and until now. But there’s a new trend growing. While before toenails rarely got any attention except for the usual trimming and cleaning. Now they’re sculpted, colored and adorned into a work of art as well.

Contrary to a lot of beliefs, toenail design is easy to make. Well it would require the usual things you’d need on fingernail arts- trimmer, polish, a steady hand and a little bit of creativity to create a masterpiece. And like any nail art, it ranges from simple polish nails to acrylics. You could even have 3d nail designs if you want. That’s if you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable wearing them with a shoe on.



Beach inspired toe nails


Cute toe nails with blue yellow pink and polka dot design.


Cute and sassy toenail design with green, yellow and orange tip and face decoration


Lovely pastel colored toenails with stones and diamond design


Floral black toenail art


Black and white dots and chanel design


Elegant green and white toenails


Gel dotted pink toenails with rhinestone finish


Colorful floral toenail art


Simple toenail design ideas


Blue glitter and stone toenail art


Lovely floral toenails


Classy flower, hears with stone outlined design over nude polish


Floral and polka dot designed toenails


Peacock toenail art


Colorful floral toenails


Red lady bug toenail art


Black and white yin and yang toenails


Pink and blue toenails with stones and polka dots


Unique lemon green toenails


Halloween toenail art with spiders


Green fruity nail art


Classy black and white tribal patterned toenails


Poka dot bright red polished toenails


Black paws and dog over blue polished toenails

halloween toenail design

Halloween pumpkin toenail design


Zebra stripes toenail art


Mini Mouse toe nail art


American flag glittered toe nails


Marble toe nail design


Crazy nail design ideas

Tired of the usual nail designs? Are you running out of colors and ideas for your nails? Then try this new hot trend on nail designing. Crazy nails could give your nails a unique look with out of the box, wild designs. The good thing about this is anyone could wear it.

It’s good to wear in any party and on some occasions. Usually crazy nail art composes of 3d nails, stiletto and long nails. It’s colorful and wild and whimsy, giving your nails an interesting, distinct look. However, although making it is as easy a making any nail art, it takes a little bit more effort and time to build a wonderful crazy nail art.
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The best way to wear zebra nail design

We all love prints, right? And animal prints have always been a fashion item. They are everywhere, from our clothes, boots, shoes, sheets and now to our nails. There are various animal prints you could choose like leopard prints, crocodile and tiger skins and zebra stripes. This article is about zebra stripes on nails.

Zebra stripes give your nails that wild yet classic look to it. It usually goes in black and white colors, just like a zebra. But now you could choose any polish you like to create that wonderful zebra design. Below are just some ideas on how you could wear the zebra stripes.

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Black and white nail design

Nothing screams elegance in subtlety more than the colors black and white. These two classic colors look good individually. I’m sure you heard your girlfriends say or read on the magazines it’s good to have one black dress. The color is versatile; you can mix it up with various styles. White reflects pureness and simplicity. But when combined, they look just as good.

All of you those who like black and white can wear them on their nails. This nail design varies. Some looks and is truly easy to make. Others seems complex. Yet it’s pretty simple to make. Continue reading


Flower Nail design arts and style

Wearing polished and decorated nails is one great way to change your look without giving much effort. Floral nail art is a growing nail trend. Its style ranges from feminine look to sultry and sexy designs. Its intricate, colourful floral decoration may seem intimidating. But, with a careful hand and the right tools, it’s pretty easy to make.

Floral design is pretty versatile. You could use any polish. You might need colored pens to draw a more intricate floral design. A real, dried flower could aid in creating a more realistic take on this nail art. Also, you might need to practice your creativity. Below are some ideas in creating floral nail design.

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